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Build Generational Wealth

Have you got a money plan? Do you have a clear and precise written plan for your future or just a general idea? To build generational wealth, you will need to be specific and intentional with your plans.

The main thing holding you back in this era is your mindset. Secondly, it is your follow-on actions. Arguably you can be doing the right actions with a poor money mindset. Although, the mindset usually comes first before the motivation and actions. Regardless, it is better if they are both aligned.

Are you earning money only to pay for your current lifestyle? Or are you earning, saving and investing for now and for ‘retirement’. Ideally you are earning, saving and investing, with thoughts of your years ahead without an active income. And then ultimately, it would be great if you were preparing to have sufficient investments remaining to leave in an inheritance.

Preparing your finances is an important item on your to do list. The earlier you start, the stronger the habit will be. In addition, you are much more likely to have more money for yourself and for your heirs, the earlier you start.

Get a separate savings account set up. Place some money in it every week without fail. Learn about investing. Take it seriously. Though you can make it fun and interesting too. Begin investing for the 20, 60 and 140 year horizon.

Build generational wealth.


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