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Budget Well

Look at what you have and how you’re going to use it. Spend some, save some, invest some and give some away to those less fortunate at the time.

If you do budget well, your wealth will grow and you’ll do well with that discipline. Train your brain to set and stick to a budget. It’s a rare but very useful skill.

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Let Things Play Out

Relax. A million years have passed without your input or navigation. Perhaps letting things play out would be a good idea. The idea that your very limited experience in all things in the world and ability to coordinate 8 billion lives, or even one more than yours, will be better than all those that went before you, might be a bit of a stretch.

Unless you can predict, second, third and fourth order consequences for your own life with exceptional accuracy, then it is probably time to let things play out for everyone else. Besides, you might find all that relaxing rather enjoyable.

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Enjoy Key Milestones

25 years of marriage, a special birthday, completing a marathon or simply getting through another 24 hours without a drink, are all great reasons to celebrate, reflect, pat yourself on the shoulder or be happy within yourself.

When is your next important milestone?

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Plan Your Calendar

Aim to get three big things done each day. Build these three things into your calendar. Actually assess the amount of time it will take to do the thing. Then book that amount of time in your calendar, including timed breaks.

Then when that time comes up, do the thing you’re supposed to do, exclusively. Do not multi-task. Do not answer calls or look at notifications. Just get the work done so you never have to do it again.

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Close Loops

Each time we start something we are best to finish it or cancel it. We need to close the open loop.

You see, when you start a conversation, a project, a task or even an idea in your head, you open a loop. Your mind will keep coming back to this loop until it is closed in some way – completed, cancelled, accepted.

This revisiting of these open loops can drain you of energy and decision making power. That is not good. It leaves less energy for current important things. So every time you can, Close an open loop. You’ll feel lighter and be more effective.

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Do Something Nice For Someone

Phone a friend. Help someone cross the street. Help lift a baby carriage or pram. Fill a car with petrol. Give a compliment. Send them a message or write them a card. Send flowers.

It doesn’t need to cost anything or much but it could mean the world to that person. Practice kindness every day.

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Have Some Fun

Keep it simple. It doesn’t have to cost much. Go to the park to fly a kite, swim in a lake or watch the birds. A local walk, some comedy on tv, or a chat with your favourite person could all be lots of fun. Enjoy it while you can!