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Starting Is Hard Or Easy?

Starting a project is east. Finishing is hard. Starting to revise schoolwork for an exam is hard but building momentum is easier.

Hard now can make it easier later. Easier now could mean hard later.

Whether it is easy or hard to start, start anyway. Start now.

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Minority Of One

At a granular level, everyone is a minority. You can generalise the world into one group: humans. Or you can subdivide the world by large, fairly obvious groups such as sex, colour, height, weight, intelligence, wealth, or geography.

However, you can further subdivide people into the street they grew up on, the parents they had, the schools they attended and the scars on their body. Ultimately, their DNA is a very unique item for everyone.

So we are all a minority of one. But some people band together in larger groups to take advantage of certain, similar characteristics to gain greater influence from the group.

Be careful who you align with. In the end, you’re still a minority of one.

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Don’t Panic

Remain Calm. Whatever is coming down the pipe, is coming down the pipe. You can’t stop it. You need to surf the wave ???? of change. Keep your chin up and knees bent. You can survive just about anything.

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Someone Has Your Answer

You just need to find out who and ask them the question. Yes, it’s that simple. Although, it might take days or weeks to find them, so you better get looking!

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Time Moves Forward

Occasionally time moves too slow or too fast. One thing is for certain though – time moves forward.

You can’t go back and unsay things or undo things. You have to accept and move on. This can be hard or easy, depending on what the situation was.

We can fight time and try to hold it back. Or we can decide not to accept the situation. However, it tends to make life a lot more difficult in those cases.

It would be easier if we didn’t have these emotion things. But we do. So don’t be too hard on yourself. Time also heals all wounds. You might just need more time than you would like it to be.

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Put The Effort In

You must always do your best. Put in extra effort to all things. You never know who is watching and what might come of your efforts.

And you’ll build confidence and self-esteem too.