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Take Time Out

We often go very quickly through our days. We will race about at work to get home, hurry to do chores, admin, cook dinner, perhaps put kids to bed and then do more work, watch a show or doom scroll on the phone.

Well tonight, take time out and just go to bed. Read for 20 minutes, if you must, rather than doom scroll. Or just curl up in bed and dream about what you have and where you’re going in life.

If that makes you smile with joy, great! If not, perhaps just think of your happy place and drift off to sleep. The added extra time sleeping will be magical which you’ll notice when you get up refreshed in the morning. Enjoy!

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Modern people don’t need 2,000 calories per day. I know what the ads say but I don’t think it’s been update for the WFH, laptop and tv lifestyle of 2024.

If you have more calories, how are you going to burn them off? If it’s a chore to go to the gym, then why not consume less and cancel the gym membership?

Are you eating for pleasure or survival? That’s what I thought.

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Success Habits Are Hard

Being unsuccessful is relatively easy. At least it is at first. Laze around, do little to no work and spend money you don’t earn or have. the consequences mean it does get much harder as the months and years go by though.

Building up your success habits is another story though. Eating less and better food takes discipline. Exercising or going to the gym takes discipline and it can be hard. Studying is rarely easy. Same with doing your work, dishes, and laundry. Saving and investing is also quite difficult near the start.

There are a lot of things you need to do to be successful. The sooner you get each one under control, the better off you’ll be!

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Make Plans 5 Years Out

It’s difficult to achieve worthwhile goals in just 5 minutes. And there are a lot of hurdles and obstacles to get in your way. In addition, almost everything takes longer than you think it will.

So make some bigger, exciting plans 5 years out. You don’t have to know how you’ll get it done. Just commit to doing one thing a day towards achieving each goal. Slowly the end will come into focus and you’ll more rapidly progress to, or beyond, your goal. That is pure magic and joy.

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What If You Meant It!?

What incredible success would you have, if you really meant what you said about your goals or wanting to make changes?

If you set yourself up to win, changed your habits and environment, had specific goals and timelines and committed fully to discipline each day rather than motivation, your success would be almost inevitable.

So what’s stopping you from setting yourself up to win?

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Wanting A Result And Getting A Result Are Different

You can want to quit smoking, stop drinking, lose weight, eat healthy, be slim, get straight A’s, and make millions. But wanting isn’t doing. And without doing the hard work, with discipline and sacrifice, you are very unlikely to get the results you want. Stop wanting it so badly. Start doing it so badly. As if your life depended on it. Commit! No more reasons, excuses or alibis. Learning this lesson well will let you change your life.

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Declutter Your Digital Life

I don’t know about you, but I have a lot of tabs open, unread emails, text messages requiring my attention and WhatsApp groups that I’ve not been active in for a year.

Between now and the end of August, I’m going to tidy this all up again. Unsubscribe to emails, leave WhatsApp groups, delete emails, and close all tabs in safari and chrome. Spare time will be spent pruning.

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What Are You Really Measuring?

When we test or measure something, we must know why we are doing it. We also must know what other factors could be skewing or influencing the result.

Then we must assess the end we are achieving versus the end we may want to be achieving.

Think about this with respect to money, fitness, health and relationships.