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Make A Plan For Life

Begin with the end in mind. In your final days, when you look back over your life, what will you be proud of? What will you savour and hold close?

Who will tidy your mess? There are many questions to answer including whether you left an inheritance, fond memories, or children.

Hopefully you will have been a net giver on this Earth. You will have a tidy and easy to understand book of your affairs for your Executor.

What fun plans will you have had, trips will you have taken, and opportunities will you have pursued.

Sit down at a computer, or with pen and paper, for one hour this weekend and write out your life from its finish, back to now. Write out the highlight real you want to watch in your later life.

Then on Monday, set to work to ensure you do all that you wrote. That’s how you create a dream life.

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Modern people don’t need 2,000 calories per day. I know what the ads say but I don’t think it’s been update for the WFH, laptop and tv lifestyle of 2024.

If you have more calories, how are you going to burn them off? If it’s a chore to go to the gym, then why not consume less and cancel the gym membership?

Are you eating for pleasure or survival? That’s what I thought.

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Wanting A Result And Getting A Result Are Different

You can want to quit smoking, stop drinking, lose weight, eat healthy, be slim, get straight A’s, and make millions. But wanting isn’t doing. And without doing the hard work, with discipline and sacrifice, you are very unlikely to get the results you want. Stop wanting it so badly. Start doing it so badly. As if your life depended on it. Commit! No more reasons, excuses or alibis. Learning this lesson well will let you change your life.

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Percent Now V Later

Have you ever had these thoughts? Should I party now and hope things get better or should I spend a little time preparing for my future life? The tough part is deciding what the optimal balance is for this constant, once-in-a-lifetime consideration. Should I spend and enjoy today or save now and spend later? The ratio adjusts at every moment, consciously or not. Now is the time to make better, conscious decisions.

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What Are You Really Measuring?

When we test or measure something, we must know why we are doing it. We also must know what other factors could be skewing or influencing the result.

Then we must assess the end we are achieving versus the end we may want to be achieving.

Think about this with respect to money, fitness, health and relationships.

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Change Now Before You Hit Rock Bottom

Why wait till life is hell and the situation is a disaster? Make some changes today and keep adjusting the sail until you’re back on course.

It’s not very rockstar to fix your life before you self-destruct. However, it does save lots of time, relationships, regret, finances and health consequences if you get on a track to being better from today.

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Believe. And Act Accordingly.

Let yourself dream about who you are or could become. Imagine your life, body, relationships, finances, holidays, home and pass times exactly how you would dream to have them in the perfect world.

Let your fears and concerns of it not working out simply subside. Summon the feeling you would have if your dreams all turned out true forever. Now use that amazing feeling of relaxation, contentment and confidence to remind you every moment of every day how your life is becoming.

Believe you will get there. Then simply act accordingly.

If you see yourself as an athletic, fit and healthy person, do what one of those people would do. They would probably be disciplined with their food intake (types and amounts), their daily exercise, the amount of water they drink and how much sleep they schedule into their life.

You can be the opposite too. Just do what unathletic, unfit and unhealthy people do. You can achieve this too. Simply build habits and be disciplined around eating poor quality food, and just a little bit more than you should each time. Sit more and move less. Drink small amounts of water and have an erratic and poorly executed sleep regime. You can become as unfit and uninspired as you want to be. It’s success but in a different direction.

Do the above exercise with your money, your relationships and your career and notice how different your life could be in just six months. It would be a world of difference in one little year. And then it could be like that for the next 20 or 50 years of your life.

Gee, why wouldn’t you start working on this today? Right now! Your new amazing life awaits! It’s just one little mindset shift away. Start accepting this new amazing life in your mind every day. And act accordingly.