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There are times you need to sprint. Just before holidays, you sprint at work. You try to catch up and delegate and prepare ahead in that last week before you go away. You go unsustainably fast for a short period of time.

There are many times people have to do this in life. You just have to mentally prepare and then go as if every minute is precious and required. Go!

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Take Time Out

We often go very quickly through our days. We will race about at work to get home, hurry to do chores, admin, cook dinner, perhaps put kids to bed and then do more work, watch a show or doom scroll on the phone.

Well tonight, take time out and just go to bed. Read for 20 minutes, if you must, rather than doom scroll. Or just curl up in bed and dream about what you have and where you’re going in life.

If that makes you smile with joy, great! If not, perhaps just think of your happy place and drift off to sleep. The added extra time sleeping will be magical which you’ll notice when you get up refreshed in the morning. Enjoy!

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Being consistent on a daily basis can help or hinder your progress in life. On a daily basis, it helps if you eat well, drink water, sleep 7-8 hours, exercise for 20 minutes and go to the loo (1 & 2).

Missing any of these for a day would have an impact and you’d notice. Missing any of these for a week will start a decline.

Get consistent with the basics. Then you can go next level more sustainably.

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Less Sleep

There are moments in life where you’ll lose sleep. This can include studying for exams, preparing a big case, seeing a magical skyline with stars and being in Seattle.

Regardless, sometimes you have to push through. Do it! It’s worth it.

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Modern people don’t need 2,000 calories per day. I know what the ads say but I don’t think it’s been update for the WFH, laptop and tv lifestyle of 2024.

If you have more calories, how are you going to burn them off? If it’s a chore to go to the gym, then why not consume less and cancel the gym membership?

Are you eating for pleasure or survival? That’s what I thought.

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When doing work, use the Sprint method. Take your task and work hard and fast. Set a time to accomplish it and then try to beat it. When you finish, rest, stretch and go again. Sprint through your days and see how much more you can do.

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Things Aren’t Broken. They’re As You’d Expect

Some people exaggerate to be heard. A Few scream about the broken system, broken this and broken that.

I’m not sure that many things are actually broken. Rather, they are playing out as you’d expect.

Rental markets are behaving as you might anticipate given the government policies during the last four years, from lockdowns, printing money and distributing that money to people everywhere.

Those actions combined with the natural ebb and flow of the market has exacerbated the situation.

Like weight gain, prolonged periods of eating more and poorly, and moving less and less, will eventually lead to disappointing results. The same can be said for lack of studying or lack of attention to your finances or relationships. It happens almost imperceptibly over time until a significant moment of realisation and you throw your hands up and say, “What happened here!?”

You can turn these things around at any time you want. But it will take a certain amount of pure desire and stoic discipline to get things going consistently in the right direction. Years of not paying attention, poor habits, good ideas poorly or unevenly executed is hard to turn around.

You can do it though. You really can! Though it will take a little planning and some serious resolution, determination and discipline. Let me know if you want some help with it. Otherwise, best wishes!!

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Prepare For Death

Not a generally fun topic. However, it is one we all will encounter in our lives. It will be either the death of other people or our own.

Preparing for it 20 years ahead may take the sting out of the discussion. It may also allow you some time to get things in order properly.

It’s not an hysterically fun topic but it can be approached light-heartedly. It does need to be done to improve the lives of your heirs and allow you to rest your mind.

Start today. Progress towards completing your will, any trusts, funeral arrangements and Power of Attorney, and getting the rest of your documents in order.

Yes it might mean postponing a few favourite tv shows now and then but having this completed makes you the super star of your family. Dead and still ahead one day. Sort it now!