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Feel But Then Think

We feel first. But do we reflect on those feelings properly and often enough?

We have an ability to understand ourselves better yet few people take the pause to really consider this.

If you feel harshly about someone, what is the real feeling from? Don’t consider why you think you feel that way. Rather, try to understand what it is that is creating the actual feeling for you.

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Thank God Trump Is Alive

Like him or not, the assassination attempt on Saturday was shocking but not surprising.

The left leaning politicians, media and other assorted people with megaphones or an opinion, have been wishcasting for President Trump’s untimely death, murder, for 8 years now.

Say horrible, misleading and often untrue things about someone for long enough and of course you’ll get some would-be hero to step up and be the assassin.

Murder is wrong. Premeditated murder is definitely wrong. Yet, so many have ratcheted up the hateful sentiment over the years. If you are one of them, go look in the mirror. Helping to create the environment for evil to flourish in, should not be a proud moment for a good person.

World War I started with the assassination of one leader. When you invite Evil to your door, don’t expect it to wait for an ok to come in.

Many on the centre right had said for 6-8 months that this day was likely to come as The President and his followers continued to attack Donald Trump’s character rather than debate policies.

Trump wants to unite everyone. And I hope he does. I hope people with fear, anger and hate in their hearts will realise that they’ve been sold an evil perspective by the media and they can break the trance at any time.

Thank God Trump is alive.

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Uncertainty usually creates anxiety. It is not a pleasant state to be in. The best cure for this is certainty. We get certainty by taking action and getting results.

Any result, good or bad, can reduce the uncertainty and therefore anxiety. So when in doubt, get moving toward your goal and create outcomes.

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Be Confident

Throw your shoulders back, bring your chin up a little, smile and say, “Of course they want me, I’m quite good”.

Walk around like that all day for a couple of weeks and watch your life change. A lot of success in life is about being confident. If you appreciate all the things you have done and all your experiences, it is easier to see why you should be confident and ready for everything going forward.

You may not start off brilliant, but knowing you’ll get better with effort is so important. Because at least you’ll try!

Be confident. Sometimes that’s all you have.

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Less Is More

Less hurry is more calm.

Less distracted is more focused.

Less loose spending is more retirement savings.

Less shouting down others is more finding common ground.

And finally, less demanding is more receiving.

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The Weather

Are you happy it’s hot right now? Would you rather it be cooler? Or hotter still?

In winter, many people want it to be warmer and in summer, many people want it to be cooler.

Try really enjoying the lovely aspects of what you have at the moment. Soon enough it will be gone again and you’ll be wishing it was back. Enjoy the moment while it’s here. Look for the positives and you will find them.

What were you hoping for in winter when it was cold, dark and wet outside? Isn’t it warm, bright and dry at the moment? Love that.