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Take Time Out

We often go very quickly through our days. We will race about at work to get home, hurry to do chores, admin, cook dinner, perhaps put kids to bed and then do more work, watch a show or doom scroll on the phone.

Well tonight, take time out and just go to bed. Read for 20 minutes, if you must, rather than doom scroll. Or just curl up in bed and dream about what you have and where you’re going in life.

If that makes you smile with joy, great! If not, perhaps just think of your happy place and drift off to sleep. The added extra time sleeping will be magical which you’ll notice when you get up refreshed in the morning. Enjoy!

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Small Upgrades Can Have A Huge Impact

Something as simple as buying a new, somewhat fancy pen, can put a little spring in your step and bring your shoulders back so you walk with a little more confidence.

Buying a new item of clothing or a tool for your job can give you a similar feeling. You don’t need massive expenditure to get these great little jumps in life appreciation. If you make a few small but strategic purchases on high impact items or services, you can feel your life get exponentially better rather quickly.

Just don’t buy loads of things that don’t give a lasting impact. Keep the upgrades small, simple and high impact, otherwise you’re just wasting money.

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Rekindle Fond Memories

Recall fun times from years ago and regale your children, grandchildren or other young listeners with tales of your youth. You get to relive the adventure and give them a new perspective on life.

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What Would Better Look Like?

People say they want things to be better. Well, what specifically and how would that look?

Many people say they like natural but when you note that how things are is natural, they want to manufacture it to be different.

People are funny.

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Find Peace

Think about what would bring you peace, for a moment or forever even. Have you considered what that would be? Really put some hard thinking time into this topic for a few days or weeks.

Consider lots of options. You may be surprised at what you learn about yourself!

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Keep An Eye On Your Money

Pay attention to the comings and goings of your money. The big amounts and the little amounts. Keep a budget. Loose or exact but have one.

Understand your cashflows. Know when and what amounts are coming in and out for the days, weeks and months ahead.

The more money you have, the better your plans had better be. The better your plans are, the more money you are likely to have.

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Leave It Better

No matter what it is, leave it better.

It could be a national park, local park, a friend’s car, a restaurant or a friend. Aim to leave the thing, the person or situation better because you’d been there and done something positive.

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Take A Nap

A rejuvenating nap can be just the thing you need in the afternoon or early evening. It can clear things up for you and give you hours more of alert and enjoyable time.

I wouldn’t leave it too late though. Napping after nine pm and you may as well have gone to bed! Stay away from this plan unless you’re up due to a pressing deadline that must be met.

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Home Sweet Home

Being away can be helpful in recognising the people and things you appreciate. You don’t need to go away for this to happen though. You can make the effort to find things you appreciate everyday.