1. What happens when I subscribe? You will receive the daily blog post sent to the inbox you subscribe with. It should arrive every day at 07:00 GMT (UK time essentially)
  2. How do I leave a comment? You can leave comments on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram by heading to my pages. Click on the social media icons at the bottom of the menu bar and it should open to the right spot. You can also leave a comment on a blog post, right here on this site. Simply click on the blog post title. The unique page for that post will load and you can add your comment at the bottom of that page.
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  4. Why are there green or different colour words in some blog posts? These green or different coloured words are links to related blogs I have written or sometimes to other source or related materials. When clicked on, you will be taken to a post I did previously that is related to the differentiated word or words or to the other external related link.
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