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The Backstory

Ask questions about the history of things. There is a lot to learn. Get into the nitty gritty specifics. This can be fascinating.

My son and I were watching the Winnipeg Blue Bombers play their arch rivals the Saskatchewan Roughriders. He asked me why one team had their brand name (Blue Bombers) on the front of their jerseys while the other had their place name (Saskatchewan).

Then he queried why one was a city name and the other was a name of a province (great question!). I had no idea, so began reading about it online. A very interesting story, it was, especially when you add in the situation with the Rough Riders from Ottawa. The fact that both teams were also red and black added to the unusual tale. Look it up.

Backstories can be so interesting. Though, like anything, check different, and especially opposing sources, so you can triangulate around the truth.

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Fear Focus

Expecting disaster in any aspect of life is a good way to invite mental health issues.

Very many newspapers, news radio, news media, some recording artists and many individuals focus on fear and disillusionment. It is a road to horrible.

As Yoda said in Star Wars, “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”

When you consume trash, expect trash in your system.

You can change this. Ween yourself off of the news. Unless you’ve met someone, or listen to people who have spent significant time with them, then you are being used by the media to think certain things and in certain ways about that person or event.

Of the thousands of pieces of information that they could feed you, they’ll feed you the spiciest so you’ll keep coming back. However, like just about anything in excess, you’ll start to regret having any.

Focus on positive words, reports, sayings, activities and people. Let the rest land where it may, but don’t let it be in your lap.

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Uncertainty usually creates anxiety. It is not a pleasant state to be in. The best cure for this is certainty. We get certainty by taking action and getting results.

Any result, good or bad, can reduce the uncertainty and therefore anxiety. So when in doubt, get moving toward your goal and create outcomes.

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Be Confident

Throw your shoulders back, bring your chin up a little, smile and say, “Of course they want me, I’m quite good”.

Walk around like that all day for a couple of weeks and watch your life change. A lot of success in life is about being confident. If you appreciate all the things you have done and all your experiences, it is easier to see why you should be confident and ready for everything going forward.

You may not start off brilliant, but knowing you’ll get better with effort is so important. Because at least you’ll try!

Be confident. Sometimes that’s all you have.

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Less Is More

Less hurry is more calm.

Less distracted is more focused.

Less loose spending is more retirement savings.

Less shouting down others is more finding common ground.

And finally, less demanding is more receiving.