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There are times you need to sprint. Just before holidays, you sprint at work. You try to catch up and delegate and prepare ahead in that last week before you go away. You go unsustainably fast for a short period of time.

There are many times people have to do this in life. You just have to mentally prepare and then go as if every minute is precious and required. Go!

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Small Upgrades Can Have A Huge Impact

Something as simple as buying a new, somewhat fancy pen, can put a little spring in your step and bring your shoulders back so you walk with a little more confidence.

Buying a new item of clothing or a tool for your job can give you a similar feeling. You don’t need massive expenditure to get these great little jumps in life appreciation. If you make a few small but strategic purchases on high impact items or services, you can feel your life get exponentially better rather quickly.

Just don’t buy loads of things that don’t give a lasting impact. Keep the upgrades small, simple and high impact, otherwise you’re just wasting money.

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Modern people don’t need 2,000 calories per day. I know what the ads say but I don’t think it’s been update for the WFH, laptop and tv lifestyle of 2024.

If you have more calories, how are you going to burn them off? If it’s a chore to go to the gym, then why not consume less and cancel the gym membership?

Are you eating for pleasure or survival? That’s what I thought.

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Spending To Help Can Go Too Far

The US government is borrowing on an unsustainable course, says a headline I glimpsed earlier. They noted that 88% of millions of simulations have shown this. So only 12% of simulations have shown it is sustainable to some degree.

I guess you only need one to work. Cross your fingers and hope is not the best strategy though.

If it goes wrong, the current government will have the dubious distinction of having overspent and destroyed the economic goose that was the US economy.

I am sure they mean well. They want to spend a little to help the very impoverished to get the real necessities. But soon enough, like many good intentions, they pave the road to hell.

You see, it doesn’t stop with the basics. Then they want to help lower income people have things of cultural importance like a tv, car or a drinks fridge. These are not necessary to live for most people. Yet the government convinces itself that they are doing good deeds.

They don’t notice they are using other people’s money to pay for unnecessary items. If the person really wanted it they could get more income or spend less elsewhere or even save first and spend once they have the required funds.

Remember, a good start to a program must be continually revisited or it could go too far and bring about disastrous pain in the future when the house of cards collapses in a light breeze.

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Keep An Eye On Your Money

Pay attention to the comings and goings of your money. The big amounts and the little amounts. Keep a budget. Loose or exact but have one.

Understand your cashflows. Know when and what amounts are coming in and out for the days, weeks and months ahead.

The more money you have, the better your plans had better be. The better your plans are, the more money you are likely to have.

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Prepare For Death

Not a generally fun topic. However, it is one we all will encounter in our lives. It will be either the death of other people or our own.

Preparing for it 20 years ahead may take the sting out of the discussion. It may also allow you some time to get things in order properly.

It’s not an hysterically fun topic but it can be approached light-heartedly. It does need to be done to improve the lives of your heirs and allow you to rest your mind.

Start today. Progress towards completing your will, any trusts, funeral arrangements and Power of Attorney, and getting the rest of your documents in order.

Yes it might mean postponing a few favourite tv shows now and then but having this completed makes you the super star of your family. Dead and still ahead one day. Sort it now!

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Few people I know, enjoy doing admin. Though it needs to get done. So try doing it a little and at a time but often or once a week for three hours in the morning when you’re fresh. Then give yourself something fun to do in the afternoon if you complete it.

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Time to sit down for 1-2 days and purge all non- essential paperwork, files, magazines, bills, statements, clothes, dishes/cookware, books and nik naks.

It’s amazing how much the average person keeps in drawers, piles, cupboards and filing cabinets.

Take a day or two now and really hammer at it. Take photos of key docs and assign the photo to a folder and/or capture key information in your contacts app or Notes.

Then keep all new potential clutter out of the house. Don’t let it build up. Be merciless.

And get rid of all the part-done projects and going-to-do items. You’re not. You’re not going to do them. It’s just not that important to you, nor is it enjoyable. If it was either of those, you’d have done them already.

Book in a full day or two now. Purge!!!

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Get Ahead Of The Curve

Get your basics sorted out quickly. Then every 3-6 months add to them. Do not fall behind, or at least not for long. Then catch up quickly.

Keep building and compounding your position. If you have a 3 month emergency find, then set up your will. Once you have a will, get a POA ready, and then your funeral plans.

These things are especially important to do if you have kids. Better yet, get it all sorted before the kids come because you may then struggle to stay ahead of the curve. Good luck!! ????