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Fear Focus

Expecting disaster in any aspect of life is a good way to invite mental health issues.

Very many newspapers, news radio, news media, some recording artists and many individuals focus on fear and disillusionment. It is a road to horrible.

As Yoda said in Star Wars, “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”

When you consume trash, expect trash in your system.

You can change this. Ween yourself off of the news. Unless you’ve met someone, or listen to people who have spent significant time with them, then you are being used by the media to think certain things and in certain ways about that person or event.

Of the thousands of pieces of information that they could feed you, they’ll feed you the spiciest so you’ll keep coming back. However, like just about anything in excess, you’ll start to regret having any.

Focus on positive words, reports, sayings, activities and people. Let the rest land where it may, but don’t let it be in your lap.

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Complete Projects

Starting projects can be quite easy. You’re usually full of enthusiasm and optimism and up for something refreshingly new.

However do make sure you limit the number of projects you start and make sure you’re fully finishing these projects too.

Many people struggle to succeed because they keep adding projects that dilute their time and energy. Then they leave the open loops unfinished and on their mind. Better to start fewer projects and complete more so a higher percentage is completed. 100% would be quite extraordinary!

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Think, Plan, Execute

Go for a walk or jog and run through the plan you want in your head. Think through the timing and the priorities, including the timeline. Plan out each step in your mind. By doing this preview, you will uncover obstacles you hadn’t thought of and allow enough time for each step.

Then you can execute with pace and precision. See the goal and the path first, then follow it.

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Detailed Goal Planning

This is not easy. It is simple but not easy. You need to refine your goals and get very clear about what you are aiming for. Then you need a clear timeline and plan to achieve them. The more precision you add now, the higher the probability of hitting your targets!

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