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Complete Projects

Starting projects can be quite easy. You’re usually full of enthusiasm and optimism and up for something refreshingly new.

However do make sure you limit the number of projects you start and make sure you’re fully finishing these projects too.

Many people struggle to succeed because they keep adding projects that dilute their time and energy. Then they leave the open loops unfinished and on their mind. Better to start fewer projects and complete more so a higher percentage is completed. 100% would be quite extraordinary!

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Think, Plan, Execute

Go for a walk or jog and run through the plan you want in your head. Think through the timing and the priorities, including the timeline. Plan out each step in your mind. By doing this preview, you will uncover obstacles you hadn’t thought of and allow enough time for each step.

Then you can execute with pace and precision. See the goal and the path first, then follow it.

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Detailed Goal Planning

This is not easy. It is simple but not easy. You need to refine your goals and get very clear about what you are aiming for. Then you need a clear timeline and plan to achieve them. The more precision you add now, the higher the probability of hitting your targets!

My book, Achieve Anything, could not be better value on Amazon in the UK. Go take a look. For a couple of £s you can learn more about goal planning and taking your life up a notch or two in 2024!

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Play, But How Far?

Survivors and especially more successful people may be more forgiving than others. Since they made it through life, they may let their kids take even greater chances. They may be less strict, more lenient, forgiving or even lax. That could be a good thing. But without some decent discipline, you’re setting them up to fail.

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The Prep And The Event

You prep to pitch so you can win the right to host the Olympics. Then if you win the right to host, you prep for 8 years so you can do a great job. There is a lot of prep to host a few weeks of sporting competitions. And then it is all gone but for the memories. So much of life is the same process: idea, pre-prep, prep, brief event and memories. From a holiday, to a job, education or a marriage, a similar pattern plays out.

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Be The Best

Find something quickly, right now, that you can be good at. Then aim to be the best that you can possibly be at that thing. Learn how to study it. Get disciplined at doing excessive training and practice. Propel yourself to new heights. You may not be the best in the world, but you’ll be the best you can be. That’s all we ask.