Immense Appreciation

Thank you to all of the well wishers, book buyers, sharers, likers and commenters. I greatly appreciate your time, attention and support.

Now that the publication date is here, I feel I can rightfully say I am an author. We celebrated my first official day of being a published author on Sunday. (And if you have skipped ahead to Step 7 in the book already, you will know what I am referring too.)

The next step is to be an author with readers. We know there are already some readers in the crowd and that is greatly appreciated. You will have bragging rights when the book hits 1 million copies sold. You can say, “I bought on the first day”, “I knew him when”, and “I was there at the beginning.”

Regardless of where this goes, thanks to all of you who are here at the start. Your likes, comments and messages keep me energised. Thank you.


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