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Spending To Help Can Go Too Far

The US government is borrowing on an unsustainable course, says a headline I glimpsed earlier. They noted that 88% of millions of simulations have shown this. So only 12% of simulations have shown it is sustainable to some degree.

I guess you only need one to work. Cross your fingers and hope is not the best strategy though.

If it goes wrong, the current government will have the dubious distinction of having overspent and destroyed the economic goose that was the US economy.

I am sure they mean well. They want to spend a little to help the very impoverished to get the real necessities. But soon enough, like many good intentions, they pave the road to hell.

You see, it doesn’t stop with the basics. Then they want to help lower income people have things of cultural importance like a tv, car or a drinks fridge. These are not necessary to live for most people. Yet the government convinces itself that they are doing good deeds.

They don’t notice they are using other people’s money to pay for unnecessary items. If the person really wanted it they could get more income or spend less elsewhere or even save first and spend once they have the required funds.

Remember, a good start to a program must be continually revisited or it could go too far and bring about disastrous pain in the future when the house of cards collapses in a light breeze.


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