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What Little We Know

There are millions of books yet how many have we read? Over 8 billion people live on Earth today yet how many have you met or heard of even? Every event can be viewed in a myriad of ways and yet you will only ever know one way (yours) for most of them.

Yet we give our opinions like we are an all-knowing super-computer crunching trillions of terabytes of data per millisecond and can confidently give an excellent response to anything.

Though in reality, we barely read half an article written by a biased journalist and believe we are sufficiently well-informed to let loose over a glass of white wine at lunch.

Perhaps get some alternative viewpoints, consider they may also be valid and try to uncover the reality, even if you don’t like that answer. You owe it to yourself to be better informed, less ignorant of real options and to develop objective thinking beyond the tiny bubble you exist in.

Think things through with a little more curiosity, skepticism and thirst for real information in place of the spoon-fed biased reportage you binge on currently.


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