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We all want results. We want the outcome we envisage in our head.

We do not want reasons. We do not want excuses.

As Jim Rohn said, “Results are the name of the game!”

Reasons or results. You will always get one or the other.

One of my favourite quotes, which has been sitting on my desk for over a year now, is…..

“Results don’t lie.” – Unknown

Whether you are losing weight, training for an event, or trying to earn more money, you can always tell how you are doing by the actual results.

If you want to be brutally honest with yourself, check your results.

Good luck!


Uncomfortable to Unstoppable

Frequently people stop because something is uncomfortable. People will often shy away from a challenge because it is socially uncomfortable (what people might think or say if you tried), physically uncomfortable (a challenging skill or strenuous) or mentally uncomfortable (trying to solve a difficult problem).

If only people remembered that you always have to get through that uncomfortable stage before you can get to the unstoppable stage.

If you can remember, you were usually uncomfortable when you started doing anything for the first time. It could have been putting your hand up in class, or speaking in a meeting (social), learning a new sports skill (physical) or learning your times tables (mental).

The trick to remember is that it always gets better and easier if you put in the effort and accept greater guidance from someone who knows how. Then if you keep trying, practicing and developing, you will start to be quite good at it (witness anyone progressing through times tables or solving a Rubik’s Cube).

Then if you practice even more, you can become unstoppable. What a great feeling that is. To know you are one of the best in a certain endeavour.

That period of being uncomfortable is the way the Universe checks to see who really is interested in progressing further.

To progress from Uncomfortable to Unstoppable, you need Action Not Words.

Go do it!

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Habit Forming

Constant repetition is required until you reprogram your mind and body with the desired habit (remember your times tables). There are no set number of days to create a habit. It can take some people 15 years to say goodby to cigarettes and only a few days to start going to a new place of work.

If you want to create a new habit, do the thing you should do, but maybe don’t want to do, everyday, until it’s a habit. You’ll know it’s a habit when you no longer think about doing it, it just happens.

Be focused, make it important enough (like a new place of work) and it will be a habit very quickly.

You’ll soon start doing the thought or activity out of habit and start to realise, and focus on, the benefits you are getting. That’s when you will want to really make this new habit stick and not fall back into that old habit.

Call it ‘crossing the threshold’. 

It gets easier from there to make this growing habit into a permanent one.

Go try it.


A Life In Progress

There are only two situations were your life is not in progress: When you are regressing and when you are dead.

Dead seems to be forever. Try to make sure that if you ever regress, that it isn’t similarly long.

I love progress. People generally seem to love progress too. We love to see our family and friends doing well and improving. We love to see our favourite teams get better, win more and move up in the standings. We love to see our own lives getting better, whether it’s in our relationships, financially, health and fitness or work/career.

But sometimes we stagnant. Or worse. We regress. If you see that happening, in your life or others, focus on what you can do to make a positive change. This can be a little uncomfortable. But pain is temporary.

Take one thing in your life right now and make it better. And work on it every day. From making your bed when you get up, to eating better, to sending a letter to that client you’re after. And then follow up.

You’ll feel great.

Go do it now.

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10 Jan 2021 – That Went Fast!!

Did you get from the year what you wanted?

Did you achieve anything? Everything? Or something in between? Step into the future by 12 months and reflect back, as if 2020 had just finished.

Was 2020 as successful as you had planned? For some it will be, and for others it won’t. Most of that success, and those new results, will come down to new thinking and new doing.

So stick with me, come back daily, and together we can make 2020 the miracle year you’re so eagerly hoping it will be.

Scott’s thinking. Are you?

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