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Consider All Options

When you’re looking for answers, consider all options. Don’t only think of your usually answers, find out what others would do, or did, in your situation. Find out by going online using a search engine or ChatGPT, watch a video, read a book or speak to someone new.

Brainstorm ideas to come up with some new answers. You don’t have to use the wacky answers but at least mull them over and give it some time to reflect on them.

Then you need to take all that thinking and make a firm decision and drive forward with that best idea without looking back.

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There are times you need to sprint. Just before holidays, you sprint at work. You try to catch up and delegate and prepare ahead in that last week before you go away. You go unsustainably fast for a short period of time.

There are many times people have to do this in life. You just have to mentally prepare and then go as if every minute is precious and required. Go!

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Take Time Out

We often go very quickly through our days. We will race about at work to get home, hurry to do chores, admin, cook dinner, perhaps put kids to bed and then do more work, watch a show or doom scroll on the phone.

Well tonight, take time out and just go to bed. Read for 20 minutes, if you must, rather than doom scroll. Or just curl up in bed and dream about what you have and where you’re going in life.

If that makes you smile with joy, great! If not, perhaps just think of your happy place and drift off to sleep. The added extra time sleeping will be magical which you’ll notice when you get up refreshed in the morning. Enjoy!

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Ready For The Week Ahead?

Have you blocked out your diary with all the must dos this week? I hope so. Give yourself thought-out structure so that you succeed. Don’t let random, third-tier priorities creep in.

Make sure you’re using your time very efficiently. Every minute counts. Don’t fritter them away on nonsense.

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What Little We Know

There are millions of books yet how many have we read? Over 8 billion people live on Earth today yet how many have you met or heard of even? Every event can be viewed in a myriad of ways and yet you will only ever know one way (yours) for most of them.

Yet we give our opinions like we are an all-knowing super-computer crunching trillions of terabytes of data per millisecond and can confidently give an excellent response to anything.

Though in reality, we barely read half an article written by a biased journalist and believe we are sufficiently well-informed to let loose over a glass of white wine at lunch.

Perhaps get some alternative viewpoints, consider they may also be valid and try to uncover the reality, even if you don’t like that answer. You owe it to yourself to be better informed, less ignorant of real options and to develop objective thinking beyond the tiny bubble you exist in.

Think things through with a little more curiosity, skepticism and thirst for real information in place of the spoon-fed biased reportage you binge on currently.

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Restructure Your Day

Do you have any structure to your day? If you work from home, are retired, are between jobs or are a primary carer, your day may not have much structure. For people with a structured day this may seem like a dream.

However, it could become a disaster. Without structure, or order, life can get pretty freeflowing, or chaotic. That may seem odd but it depends on how you look at things.

If you don’t have a set plan for each day, you just fall into whatever you stumble upon or are asked to do. This freeflowing nature can be liberating for awhile but is not a great way to live life if you have some specific goals to achieve before you’re not capable or before you die.

Structure in your day, whether imposed (by say a job) or self imposed, is very good to achieve more and reduce anxiety. So decide on your hourly activities, write them down and follow the structure.

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Less Sleep

There are moments in life where you’ll lose sleep. This can include studying for exams, preparing a big case, seeing a magical skyline with stars and being in Seattle.

Regardless, sometimes you have to push through. Do it! It’s worth it.