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Find Peace

Think about what would bring you peace, for a moment or forever even. Have you considered what that would be? Really put some hard thinking time into this topic for a few days or weeks.

Consider lots of options. You may be surprised at what you learn about yourself!

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Find Or Allocate Time

You can’t “Make” time. You can find time in your schedule and allocate or re-allocate it. Look at your priorities and decide how you want to spend your time.

Many aspects are mutually exclusive, though some aren’t. You can drive while listening to a podcast or an audio book. But you can’t drive while watching a video.

So if you prioritise what is the most important value, and stick with it, you’ll get a lot more of what you want in life.

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Find Your Purpose

Your purpose can change over time. It can be to provide for your family, self-actualise, bring peace to the world, explore and discover, teach or simply move something forward.

Whatever it is, work hard at it! Every day!


Seek And You’ll Find

If you choose to believe people are bad, you’ll look for evidence of it. And you’ll find it. Sometimes it’s one anecdotal event or word. Or you might bend words or slightly misinterpret actions to fit your desired perspective.

You can also look for the good in people.

As everyone holds good and bad characteristics, looking for the good ones may make life more enjoyable.

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Find Your Favourites

We are all searching for our favourite things. We try new foods to see if we can find our absolute favourite. We assess different political and philosophical ideas to find our favourite one.

We also look for our favourite person and people. We seem to be on a continuous, never-ending quest to find our favourites. When will we be satiated?

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Find A Reason

There are so many reasons to smile in a day. That you are alive is a great one! Hopefully you have your health too. Perhaps it’s not perfect, but if it’s pretty good, usually, then you’re blessed. Finally, having a few coins in your pocket is also a great reason to smile. Now if you have someone special, or a few people, to share this feeling with, then you have it all!

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Find Out Why

You can make assumptions, guess or shrug your shoulders, or you can simply find out why. Ask the questions. Listen to the answers. It sounds so simple. Because it is.