Finding The Best Deal

Take the first offer or shop around? People will do different things in different situations. Finding the best deal can be fun and rewarding but also time consuming and frustrating.

Are you someone that loves to find the best terms? Or if you find a price you think is reasonable, will you stop looking and go ahead and buy? Searching through all the possible options you can think of can be quite an interesting exercise. Some people thrive on it. Others do it out of current necessity. Sometimes it depends on the item, your finances, time available, or your desire to know all of the options.

Buying milk should be quite straightforward. You should easily and quickly be able to compare value based on standard sizes and fairly common prices. You may be a shopper for milk. However you may also be a grab and go kind of person for this product. Given its required nature for many things, and its relative low and stable price, some people wont even notice the price.

However, if you look at airline tickets or holidays, that may be another matter. I have spent too long reviewing some flight bookings. Mainly due to the timing options available. Though sometimes the price difference can be so great that you keep looking as you know what isn’t a great deal.

Finding the best deal is almost like a game. Spending enough time but not too much is the ideal way forward.

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Losing Weight

As we exit lockdown, I hear people talking about the weight they gained, which they now would like to lose. However, losing weight needs a rebrand.

It is a common phrase and quick to the tongue. The trouble I find is the use of the word reflecting loss. Losing and loss are usually associated with sad or frustrating things.

There are only a few times where losing someone or something is a good thing. The two that come to mind are when someone is chasing you and when trying to have greater fitness.

Most of the time, loss is not good. We are rarely happy saying things like I lost the race, the match or the series. Nor do we enjoy losing our keys, health, friends, jobs or minds (though we may not notice the last one so much).

Our minds also work overtime to resolve the loss. So even if you lose weight, your mind sets off to find it again. This is rarely ideal if you’ve been making the effort to be slimmer or more fit.

So while we wait for the world to stop combining those two words, try using others. Perhaps, “I am getting to my best weight” or ”my ideal size“. “I am getting fitter every day.”

Stop losing weight and start finding your ideal you.

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Finding Opportunities

How do you find things you want? What thought process do you go through? Finding opportunities is a process but you need to follow the steps.

A friend is finding property opportunities in the new build space. He’s found a property to tear down and replace with two. He has also found some land where he could build several properties. Meanwhile, someone asked him how he did that as there were no opportunities to be found. He had been told there were no more land parcels to build new homes.

So while one person is out looking for possibilities, the other has chosen to accept that there are none. In my experience, people looking for something are more likely to find it. Perhaps it won’t be found in the first place you look. This certainly can be the case when looking for car keys or glasses.

However, if you are certain you will find them, you keep looking. Though the sensible person will look in different places. However, a person may return to a location and look more carefully or make some enquiries. These tactics also make finding something more likely.

Of course you can wait until someone brings the great deal to you. But you could be waiting all your life. So get out there!

Finding opportunities is about being very clear on your desired target and then looking in areas it is most likely to be. Speaking to lots of people and asking the right questions is also a very useful skill. So is listening.