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Find Peace

Think about what would bring you peace, for a moment or forever even. Have you considered what that would be? Really put some hard thinking time into this topic for a few days or weeks.

Consider lots of options. You may be surprised at what you learn about yourself!

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Smile At The Peace

You know that moment you’re sitting there and nothing is really happening? That’s the moment. Just smile and enjoy that moment.

You’re alive. That’s what it’s all about.

You might not realise how amazing that moment is, but let me tell you. You were born. That stat in itself is amazing. You haven’t died yet. That is quite impressive! (More impressive if you have and you were still able to read that line).

You’re not at war or being gunned down. Your home is not up in flames. I could list all the things not happening in your moment. But the point is, smile at how ridiculously fortunate you are at this moment. Unbelievable.

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Always Make Peace Before Bed

Don’t go to bed angry. It will eat at you. You’re likely to get a bad night’s sleep. And what if by some weird quirk you never wake up? The other person’s last memory of you will be of an angry person. That might suit your angry feelings in this moment, but is it really how you want anyone to remember you?

As hard as it may be to swallow your pride, apologise and say a few kind words, it’s usually the better thing to do. It takes a lot of character and strength to be the first to start healing the wounds.

Life is short, so holding onto anger and resentment is not a great strategy. You’ll miss the joy and peace that could be yours. You could also help others find those faster.

Always make peace before bed. Your soul will thank you.

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So Much In Common

Divisive is a common word these days. Though I find it a strange word to use. People have so much in common and things will continue to get better.

Most people have the following in common: They would like peace, prosperity, kindness, low or no crime and even good and effective political policies.

Would you like to live in a calm and safe neighbourhood? I think most people would aspire to that. Should children be able to go to school to learn? Hard to imagine too much resistance to that in normal times.

Listening to people on most issues and concerns, they seem to want a similar destination for each topic. There may be some differences as to how best to get there or exactly what the final destination looks like. But there seems to be so much less to argue about. And certainly most of those things are superficial in their nature. Or they require only a minor tweak.

No matter how much some people want to focus on the high drama of negative, angry or inflammatory news reports, I am confident we are in a much better position than any previously seen.

One example of this is that the global average life expectancy in 1900 was 31 and in 2017 it was 72.2. Additionally it is very peaceful and many people’s standards of living are much higher than in 1900.

We have so much in common. Let’s focus on what those things are.