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Stay Aware

As tensions increase and the likelihood of violent encounters grows, remain vigilant and keep your eyes and wits about you. Some people value life and liberty far less than you do and are willing to risk everything to get their own way.

In a twisted irony, you may find yourself fighting for peace.

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Stay On Track

Whatever you are trying to achieve, stay the course. Be determined. Use your discipline. Stay on track. The outcome you desire awaits.

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Stay On Topic

It’s easy to get distracted. There are lots of fun things to do. Plenty of easy things to do as well. Easy and fun are usually more attractive than hard and boring.

Stay on topic and you can rule your world.

Set up your environment to win. Make it easier and more enjoyable. Change your mindset. Be disciplined. Remain consistent. Persevere. Your success will taste so good. It will taste far better than the short term fluff that may have distracted you. Focus.