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Restructure Your Day

Do you have any structure to your day? If you work from home, are retired, are between jobs or are a primary carer, your day may not have much structure. For people with a structured day this may seem like a dream.

However, it could become a disaster. Without structure, or order, life can get pretty freeflowing, or chaotic. That may seem odd but it depends on how you look at things.

If you don’t have a set plan for each day, you just fall into whatever you stumble upon or are asked to do. This freeflowing nature can be liberating for awhile but is not a great way to live life if you have some specific goals to achieve before you’re not capable or before you die.

Structure in your day, whether imposed (by say a job) or self imposed, is very good to achieve more and reduce anxiety. So decide on your hourly activities, write them down and follow the structure.

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The Never Happy Movement

It’s not clear when this all started but something happened, and built over time that, while a natural progression of things, is not very healthy.

Never being happy with what you have can be a real drag in life. But while we’re all so forward focused, looking at what we want in the future or the now, we forget to look around and appreciate what we already have.

It’s best to avoid the never happy movement. And if you actively appreciate all the wonderful things you have, you’ll never have to join.

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Less Sleep

There are moments in life where you’ll lose sleep. This can include studying for exams, preparing a big case, seeing a magical skyline with stars and being in Seattle.

Regardless, sometimes you have to push through. Do it! It’s worth it.

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Rekindle Fond Memories

Recall fun times from years ago and regale your children, grandchildren or other young listeners with tales of your youth. You get to relive the adventure and give them a new perspective on life.

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Know When To Stop

Often times things start out well. Maybe it’s a gentle joke, a little teasing, spending on a few little things or picking at a dish of food. However, these things can go too far.

You know what you’re doing too much of, whether it’s binge watching tv, spending, eating, drinking, teasing, complaining, harassing or staying up too late.

A little bit and occasionally is fine. Moderation in everything as they say. But with that, you need to learn when to stop. And then stop.

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What Would Better Look Like?

People say they want things to be better. Well, what specifically and how would that look?

Many people say they like natural but when you note that how things are is natural, they want to manufacture it to be different.

People are funny.

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Modern people don’t need 2,000 calories per day. I know what the ads say but I don’t think it’s been update for the WFH, laptop and tv lifestyle of 2024.

If you have more calories, how are you going to burn them off? If it’s a chore to go to the gym, then why not consume less and cancel the gym membership?

Are you eating for pleasure or survival? That’s what I thought.