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Stop And Think

How often do we actually do this? Often we are racing around from one thing to the next, and we do not take any time to stop and think.

We react to so much in life. We would do ourselves a favour by taking time out for five minutes or five days, to stop and consider things more.

Decide where you want to be in 10 or 20 years, not 10 minutes or 10 months. You will then make better decisions. Be clear. Be determined. Focus. And soldier on.

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Things Aren’t Broken. They’re As You’d Expect

Some people exaggerate to be heard. A Few scream about the broken system, broken this and broken that.

I’m not sure that many things are actually broken. Rather, they are playing out as you’d expect.

Rental markets are behaving as you might anticipate given the government policies during the last four years, from lockdowns, printing money and distributing that money to people everywhere.

Those actions combined with the natural ebb and flow of the market has exacerbated the situation.

Like weight gain, prolonged periods of eating more and poorly, and moving less and less, will eventually lead to disappointing results. The same can be said for lack of studying or lack of attention to your finances or relationships. It happens almost imperceptibly over time until a significant moment of realisation and you throw your hands up and say, “What happened here!?”

You can turn these things around at any time you want. But it will take a certain amount of pure desire and stoic discipline to get things going consistently in the right direction. Years of not paying attention, poor habits, good ideas poorly or unevenly executed is hard to turn around.

You can do it though. You really can! Though it will take a little planning and some serious resolution, determination and discipline. Let me know if you want some help with it. Otherwise, best wishes!!


Look At Your Environment

Look around. Is this how you want to live your life? Are things untidy? Perhaps they are even out of kilter.

Spend two hours today tidying an area up completely. Make it happen in a drawer or on a counter, in a bathroom or the spare room.

Don’t leave it to slowly, almost imperceptibly, get worse. Take a small area and make it ideal. Then find another area and do the same. Keep doing small but noticeable beautifying projects.

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Bad Situation Or Bad Person

Good people can get caught up in bad situations. Try not to be one of them. Stear clear of tense or difficult people and situations.

Sometimes good people find themselves in a bad situation, where they are almost certain to do something bad to get out of it. This is quite unfortunate. They may not be a bad person through and through, they just made a bad decision in a difficult situation.

Then they get branded bad forever for that one negative thing they did. It may not be fair but now that you know, stay away from such situations so you never have to deal with the consequences.

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Life From Your Perspective

Your life is your perspective on the world. It doesn’t mean the world is like such and such. It simply means you chose to view the world as that.

If it was like that, then wouldn’t everyone see it that way too? People see it differently not because it is different but their perspective is.

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Do What You Say

If you commit and quit, your self esteem will drop. You can’t trust perself or count on yourself. Be realistic. Only commit to those things and timeframes you are actually going to do. Don’t let yourself and other people down.

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How Fast You Want To Go?

Life can change in a second, minute, week, month, year or decade. If it were to change for the positive, how long would you like it to take? The quicker you would like the change to happen, the more action you need to take.

Good decisions also help to make things go faster. Timely decisions too. Don’t fall behind and get dragged along by old opportunities. Stay fresh, alert and ready.

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The Root Word Of Culture Is Cult.

People are tribal. And we switch tribes based on the theme, topic or philosophy being discussed. If your favourite pastime is films, then you’re in this group. But if you’re vegetarian, you’re in this group. However, if you like to carry a firearm, then you’re in another group.

People like to choose their group based on their preferences. Being forced into a group is rarely ideal. For this reason, perpetrators of forced belonging are rarely perceived well in history. I’m sure you can think of several examples with ease.

If you’re trying to force anyone into a group, I’d stop now. You’re going to be on the wrong side of it sooner than later.