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Prepare For Death

Not a generally fun topic. However, it is one we all will encounter in our lives. It will be either the death of other people or our own.

Preparing for it 20 years ahead may take the sting out of the discussion. It may also allow you some time to get things in order properly.

It’s not an hysterically fun topic but it can be approached light-heartedly. It does need to be done to improve the lives of your heirs and allow you to rest your mind.

Start today. Progress towards completing your will, any trusts, funeral arrangements and Power of Attorney, and getting the rest of your documents in order.

Yes it might mean postponing a few favourite tv shows now and then but having this completed makes you the super star of your family. Dead and still ahead one day. Sort it now!

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Complete Projects

Starting projects can be quite easy. You’re usually full of enthusiasm and optimism and up for something refreshingly new.

However do make sure you limit the number of projects you start and make sure you’re fully finishing these projects too.

Many people struggle to succeed because they keep adding projects that dilute their time and energy. Then they leave the open loops unfinished and on their mind. Better to start fewer projects and complete more so a higher percentage is completed. 100% would be quite extraordinary!

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Get The Tools

You will move faster, and do more, if you have the right tools for the job. Once you have the right tools you can begin upgrading to the best “right” tools.

Don’t delay in getting those tools though. It is very important to use things that will help you progress further and faster.

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When Can You Change Your Mind?

Taking a position is easy enough. You can simply run with your feelings without any thought and justify your position with points that feel good.

What happens though, if later you change your mind? How do you gracefully switch sides? Is it possible?

How will the people who agreed with your earlier position feel now? What about those you opposed?

It can be a challenging time. Embrace the change though. You owe it to yourself.

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How Fast You Want To Go?

Life can change in a second, minute, week, month, year or decade. If it were to change for the positive, how long would you like it to take? The quicker you would like the change to happen, the more action you need to take.

Good decisions also help to make things go faster. Timely decisions too. Don’t fall behind and get dragged along by old opportunities. Stay fresh, alert and ready.