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Invest In Your Future

Spend money on self improvement, education, courses and coaches.

Listen carefully and follow instructions. People are there to help and have been there before.

Investing in your future will pay many dividends as the years roll on.

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Engage In Good Faith

When you engage in a discussion with someone, do so in good faith. Listen carefully. Don’t summarise what you want to believe they think, but rather, actually try asking for clarification.

“What is your position on x matter?”, is one way to do this. “Could you clarify what you mean by this?”, is another.

Too many people summarise someone’s position incorrectly and sometimes simply in bad faith. If you’re paying attention, and with reasonable cognitive ability, you understand what another person is saying.

Don’t be that person that takes everything out of context, pushes your own bias or makes sweeping generalisations.

The world would be a much lovelier place if people engaged with curiosity rather than animosity.

Many people are very sensible and are simply trying to find solutions that make sense to them. Allow that to breathe and investigate in good faith. The world needs more of this.

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The World Is Shifting

There are big changes happening and also little ones. Open your eyes and see. Left moves right and right moves left. The world will remain in balance as it always does.

Sometimes it’s concerning for one group of people while others seem to excel. Eventually though things shift back the other way.

Occasionally it takes longer for the pendulum to swing back, but it always does.

Don’t try to push things too far one way or the other because you’ll really feel the whiplash SnapBack. There are lots of examples in history and probably plenty you can think of from your own experience too.

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The Weather

Are you happy it’s hot right now? Would you rather it be cooler? Or hotter still?

In winter, many people want it to be warmer and in summer, many people want it to be cooler.

Try really enjoying the lovely aspects of what you have at the moment. Soon enough it will be gone again and you’ll be wishing it was back. Enjoy the moment while it’s here. Look for the positives and you will find them.

What were you hoping for in winter when it was cold, dark and wet outside? Isn’t it warm, bright and dry at the moment? Love that.

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Minority Of One

At a granular level, everyone is a minority. You can generalise the world into one group: humans. Or you can subdivide the world by large, fairly obvious groups such as sex, colour, height, weight, intelligence, wealth, or geography.

However, you can further subdivide people into the street they grew up on, the parents they had, the schools they attended and the scars on their body. Ultimately, their DNA is a very unique item for everyone.

So we are all a minority of one. But some people band together in larger groups to take advantage of certain, similar characteristics to gain greater influence from the group.

Be careful who you align with. In the end, you’re still a minority of one.

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Someone Has Your Answer

You just need to find out who and ask them the question. Yes, it’s that simple. Although, it might take days or weeks to find them, so you better get looking!